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If a person wants to lose 5 lbs or 150 lbs, they have to start off by losing that first pound!

Beachbody Coaching is no different. This training site is giving you the resources, or rather the KEYS to the Castle of your dreams and desires.  You can take it as far as you want by taking full advantage of all of the top coach tips within this website. This is why WE ARE and WILL BE one of the Leading Team Beachbody organizations now and forever! While I personally cannot guarantee how much money you will make, I will say that your income will be a direct reflection of the number of lives you change.

Your First Step: Gain Access to the New Coach Training

You will notice that the content within this webpage is PASSWORD PROTECTED!! This means you need to gain access to the pages.


By building your Foundation first with the COACH BASICS.


This is run through our Elite Stronghold training group within our Coaching team. Keep in mind you will need both YOUR Coach ID and your coaches’ Coach ID. If you need this information, please contact your Coach and they can provide this information to you.


After you COMPLETE the Coach Basics training using the link above, you’ll receive a CERTIFICATE of Completion.

  • E-mail your certificate to your Coach
  • Your Coach will then provide you with your password to unlock ALL of the resources here within Team Sweet Life.
  • The content in this website is NEXT LEVEL. Without knowing the basics, you won’t be set up for success (which is why you want to go thru Coach Basics first).
  • Take this next level training and apply it to your business, and get ready to take it up a notch!!


Depending on how FAST or Slow you wish to work this business, you can take these goals in an accelerated pace or a lengthy pace. Neither one is wrong, it’s up to you and your speed of goal.

  1. Complete Coach Basics Training and become an ACTIVE Coach (using Shakeology or supplements will more than likely already classify you as Active).
  2. Start your FIRST Challenge Group and make your first sale. Achieve success club 5 by helping at least 3 people get started with a challenge pack.
  3. Achieve EMERALD Coach status by helping 2 people get started as Coaches on your team.
  4. Achieve DIAMOND Coach status. This is helping 2 people achieve Emerald (at least) and having a total of 6 personally sponsored coaches that you bring into the business.
  5. Achieve at least $250-1000 per month income with product sales and team cycle bonus.
  6. Achieve STAR DIAMOND and beyond. This means helping your coaches achieve steps 1-5 consistently.

What are you waiting for? Let’s build the dream!


Did you Stumble upon this page and you are not yet a Beachbody Coach? Reach out to one of our Team Sweet Life Coaches today to get started!

Our Upline Team – Summit 2013:


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